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Tommy Lawson

University of Edinburgh
Schools Technology Adviser
Edinburgh, Scotland
Experienced in operational through to strategic in many aspects of digital learning including school design (23 so far), mobile learning, inspiring learning spaces and technology, assistive technology, safer internet, web, social media. Experienced engineer / learning and assistive technologist / teacher / school manager / project manager.
Currently working as Education Officer on Digital Learning Strategy in Midlothian for three days per week and with the University of Edinburgh’s Data Driven Innovation programme for the rest of the week. Working alongside fantastic colleagues with a passion for making a difference in the community.
Research interests include digitally empowered inspiring learning spaces, development of emergent literacy in non-communicative youngsters and data education in schools.
Beyond work I am a Trustee and volunteer at Thornton Rose, Riding for the Disabled and an Ambassador for the Reverse Rett charity, helping to speed a cure for Rett Syndrome. An ability activist at heart!