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Dr. Leah Hanes

Two Bit Circus Foundation
Los Angeles, California
Dr. Hanes began her tenure with Two Bit Circus Foundation (2BCF) originally as Executive Director of 2BCF’s predecessor, T4T.org in 2013 giving her an opportunity to marry her two passions – education and the environment. Leah’s early life in rural Canada nurtured a strong sense of environmental stewardship. Her first college focus was in Early Childhood Education. Both offer a good base for her current position with 2BCF. For more than two decades in Canada Leah worked in the entertainment industry both as talent, producer, and agent. For six years, Leah produced and hosted a television series profiling women in non-traditional roles, and later conducted interviews covering the environment, business and politics. For several years Leah owned an acting school for children and teens and more recently, Leah taught adult developmental theory and ethics at Antioch University Los Angeles. Leah’s Ph.D. studies were based in ethics and gender as they relate to leadership from Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change; her M.A. is in Organizational Management.