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Alethea Campbell

The Fab Foundation
GE Brilliant Career Lab Program Manager
Boston, Massachusetts
From a very early age, it was apparent that Alethea Campbell did not learn like everyone else. While other students could recite newly memorized vocabulary or follow lengthy verbal instructions, she struggled to keep up with her peers. Some of these early educational experiences left her feeling demoralized. However, all of that changed, when she discovered a train set in the basement of a WWII chemical-waste disposal specialist. This war veteran was Alethea’s grandpa, and the corner of his 1500 square foot basement became her sanctuary. She quickly discovered that while working with her hands, tinkering with train cars, she was able to problem-solve creatively.
Alethea has worked in a variety of positions ranging from teaching photography to high-risk youth, to developing technology workshops for blind and deaf customers at Apple, instructing vinyasa flows of hot yoga, to work for higher education institutions, teaching algebra to sixth graders, and developing a constructivist curriculum for refugee and immigrant youth.

The power of making for herself have others has become a driving force in her life to make a transformation in the world of education. Her passion for art, design, science, and technology led her to the maker world. Experiencing the joys of making, she saw the power of sharing how to use an Arduino or create a 3D Model using CAD software, can change a young person’s world. Alumni of Smith College, she graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education and earned a Master’s of Education degree in Technology, Innovation, and Education. Alethea is a maker, creator, innovator, an educator, and a learner. And, so excited to be a Fab Foundation, Program Manager of the GE Brilliant Career Lab Programs.

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